About Us

We're engineers with experience in custom machine components, new fabrication techniques, CNC, liquid injection molding and much more. At our core we're tinkerers who enjoy looking at processes end to end, ripping out all the inefficient steps, and optimizing product creation and delivery. We'd never thought we would be manufacturing drop in triggers, but after some exposure to building custom machine parts for triggers we realized two major problems exist. First, traditional trigger assemblies are efficient, but difficult to install and adjust. Second, more modern drop in trigger assemblies are incredibly overpriced for the components they contain and usually are not adjustable, which negates any benefits of solving the first problem. As a team who loves to optimize processes we set out to develop and deliver the Hammerhead series - an affordable fully adjustable drop in trigger that saves you both time and money. Drop in triggers should be fully replaceable, similar to magazines, without costing the operator a significant investment.

The Hammerhead comes in two variants (curved and flat) and both are consistently updated to accommodate our sampling of different commercial lowers. We do our best to adjust our specifications from time to time to make sure the trigger housing can fit in a variety of lower brands since unfortunately the specifications vary even within brands themselves due to inconsistent manufacturing techniques or other supply chain issues. That being said, sometimes you might have either a lower thats slightly out of spec or a trigger thats slightly out of spec, but we'll take responsibility either way - all our triggers come with an installation warranty - if the trigger does operate correctly or doesn't fit we provide a replacement or full refund immediately. This way our customers can shop with confidence and we can continue optimizing the trigger housing to have an optimal snug fit for maximum performance.

Any questions or concerns and we're always an email away (sales@formatactical). Follow our instagram as well for any fun giveaways, pictures or updates we might have from time to time as well! (@formatactical)