HAMMERHEAD STRAIGHT Drop-In-Trigger Group v3.4 (Fully Adjustable 3.5 - 6.0LB)

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Please view installation guide here and detailed information here: https://www.formatactical.com/pages/installation-guide-ft-hammerhead-drop-in-trigger

Here it is, what our customers have been waiting for...the same fully adjustable Hammerhead Drop in Trigger you know and love but with a straight trigger! Version 2 includes casing updates to better fit a wide range of variances amongst commercial specifications as well as an updated hammer spring.

Immediate return and full refund* if it does not fit your commercial specifications. Contact Us! Try and shop with confidence.

This single stage drop in trigger group is a great and inexpensive upgrade. The FT Hammerhead is simple to install and has a fast reset, with a smooth and crisp trigger pull. Suggest adding a little oil to the part before use and going through a few cycles. This will break in any dry parts and realign any travel issues. Allen wrench is provided to loosen or tighten the the center set screw for weight adjustment. A 180 degree counterclockwise turn will reduce the weight by roughly 1.0LB. Bottom/Side set screws should be fully withdrawn on installation - after placement, use the allen wrench to tighten side set screws to prevent any safety reset issues. Any concerns or questions - please contact us first! We strive to provide the best service and resolution to our customers with money back guarantee. Customers are encouraged to read our product and seller reviews for more context.

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